Butterfly Presented at RedCabin Summit

Butterfly Flexible Seating Solutions is excited to have presented our latest Butterfly 2.0 mockup at the RedCabin Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit held in The Museum of Flight in Seattle from 4-5 June.

The Butterfly team hosted an interactive workshop to explore potential use cases of new generation high-performance single-aisle aircraft such as the Airbus A321LR and Boeing 737Max, and to create awareness of the front-end product dilemma for such aircraft. Butterfly, a lightweight SALF (single-aisle-lie-flat) plus recliner in one, was presented as a potential answer, after which the challenges and solutions to bringing flexibility into the cabin were further examined.

The Butterfly concept was well-received by the audience, and in the spirit of collaboration & innovation, the two days were an excellent opportunity for gathering valuable critique from airlines, manufacturers, suppliers, fellow designers, frequent travelers as well as certification experts.

The Butterfly team would like to express our sincere gratitude to the RedCabin team for creating such a successful summit.